Smiling and All Its Benefits

You have probably heard the saying that smiling makes you more beautiful and happier as an individual. These ideas may sound like some convenient philosophy crafted by one of those cheesy people on a social networking site. However, they are mostly true. Smiling is not just a physical maneuver that we indulge in to feel approachable or likeable. It has an impact on the brain’s chemistry and has an impact on those around us in a very significant way.

The main benefits of smiling

When you smile, you look more friendly and attractive thus making it easier for others to approach because they feel comfortable around you.

When you are able to smile through a difficult situation, you can easily contain your anxiety, as the brain tends to think all is well. The release of endorphins that is a result of smiling helps you to feel at ease, which allows you to weather the most turbulent of storms.

Endorphins are like natural drugs that enable you to get rid of pain and stress. Once you smile, the brain triggers the release of these hormones and you feel relaxed. The release of endorphins actually leads to the decrease of Cortisol, which is the hormone associated with stress. It often has negative effects on the body. The fact that you can get rid of it by simply smiling is amazing.

People are often interested in those that can smile through difficult situations. This is mainly because smiling all the time gives the impression that you are in control and you know all the secrets to happiness. This means that if you smile a lot, you are likely to have more friends and even earn more respect from people who recognize the strength it takes to get through some tough spots in life with a smile on your face.

People who smile a lot are also likely to laugh a lot, and when you laugh, you exercise your lungs. It also enables you to release your emotions rather than holding them back and creating avoidable conditions like depression and anxiety.

For those around you

Other than the benefits that you experience if you smile and laugh more frequently, you could also make other people’s lives more bearable. The benefits of being around a person who is generally happy and smiles a lot include:

People are most likely to laugh when they see or hear someone else laughing. This means that as person who laughs frequently, you are likely to uplift the moods of those around you. People are also usually prompted to smile back if you smile at them, which is a very good thing.

Being calm and collected about life’s challenges inspires those around you to appreciate their lives more. When you are able to keep smiling, it is very likely that those around you will seek to emulate your character and be happy about their lives in general.

So smile your way to a better life with no stress, happier friends, and a healthier mind and body.