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Small In Size But HUGE In Savings!

Small infrared heaters are compact in design but can produce more than enough heat for you and your family. If you know anything about infrared heat then you know it is a light that is not visible because it is beyond our light spectrum.  The heat just like the light is unseen as well.  Our bodies absorb the light through our skin much like how the sun hits your skin when standing outside.  Unlike your furnace, the air is not heated only objects within the path of the heater.  Infrared heaters are far more energy efficient than normal heaters and much more effective.  Small infrared heaters are safe, environmental friendly and very easy to use.

Small infrared heaters are great for putting in an area where heating is wanted and the heater will not take up that much space.  Any of of our small heaters can be used in all different settings.  Take note they work best at heating objects within a room or setting and not the entire room. 

Simply set the heater on and direct the heater towards the area which you want heated.  Objects within the area will also absorb heat and end up heating the room.

Save up to 50% of your energy consumption and enjoy an effective and safe alternative to normal space heaters.

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