Fitness health: Abs Diet Advice!

The first basic thing that you should understand about the diet is: “You need not have to diet. Just go for diet modification.” Go for diet modification along with Selected Abdomen Workouts and fitness health programs to get your six pack out of your belly.

Diet modification is the right way to reduce your belly fat and tighten your middle section. In this method, you need not to go for complete diet, but you can eat whatever you want but in a specific way to achieve what you want.

Some diet modification tips:

Reduce the calorie:

What will happen to the don’t burned calories in your body? It will be stored in your body as body fat. So, keep on eating without burning your calories will increase the chances of storing excess body fat. The diet modification will help you to get the right amount of calorie and it will help to check the excess energy to be stored as fat.


The protein shakes and the highly available meal replacement drinks can be used to reduce the calorie as they have the right nutrient balance and also it will help you to check the appetite.

Food sizes:

One of the tricky method of reducing the belly size is by shrinking the stomach. Stomach is an elastic organ and it can hold unusual amount of food and if you are keep on eating huge volume of food, then the size will be increased permanently. So by reducing the amount of food, you can really shrink your belly. To control it, you can use stomach staple or virtual lap band to control the amount of food the stomach can hold.

The mind game:

Controlling your mind will help you to reach your target very soon. Some places where you have to control yourselves are,

Don’t be in a mindset of cleaning your plates while eating. Only eat till you get the required food and don’t over eat thinking that the remaining food will be wasted. This thinking is from generations and this might lead to overeating, obesity, etc.

Don’t go for any offers while you are in a restaurant. There will be some irresistible offers like buy X food item and then if you buy Y food item, then there will be a discount of 30%. for this kind of offers. Just order sandwich and don’t go for chips, fries, etc which will give you hell lot of calories.

You can also follow some tried and successful nutritional programs to get the best calorific value for your body.

Some of such fitness health programs:

Don’t try or test these fitness health programs without getting proper advice from a physician or a nutrition expert. You can select the program with respect to your time. If you can go for only four meals per day, then go for Meal Plan #1. In other case, you can start with Meal Plan #1and can progress to Meal Plan #2, etc.

Meal Plan #1 – A shake, 2 little meals, a light snack

Meal #1: Little/light breakfast

Meal #2: Little meal

Meal #3: Light Snacks

Meal #4: Light meal

Meal Plan #2 – 2 shakes, 2 light meal, 1 small snacks

Meal #1: Protein shake or any meal replacement drink

Meal #2: Snacks

Meal #3: Small Meal

Meal #4: Protein shake or any meal replacement drink

Meal #5: Light meal

Meal Plan #3 – 2 shakes, 2 light meal, 1 small snacks

Meal #1: Small Breakfast

Meal #2: Snacks

Meal #3: Protein shake or any meal replacement drink

Meal #4: Snacks

Meal #5: Light meal

Meal #6: Protein shake or any meal replacement drink

Here is an example to apply the Meal Plan #2. You can vary the food items with respect to your individual need.

The following plan is what I used to follow:

Meal #1 – Protein shake blended with banana

Meal #2 – half cinnamon raisin bagel, pineapple chunks, any water based beverages like natural fruit juices, watered down sugar drinks, etc

Meal #3 – sandwich 6 inch (half), fruit cup, water based beverages

Meal #4 – Protein shake with fruits

Meal #5 – seasoned Turkey strips and spinach, a dinner roll, a dessert under 200kcal,  any water based beverages.

So this Meal Plan along with the Selected Abdomen Workouts will help you to get a flat and 6 pack abs.