About Made Products

Made Products was founded in 2006 to focus on making unique and patented accessories for digital cameras.

We chose this market because making highly differentiated, “sandbox revolutionary” products for photographers sounded like a lot of fun to us, being pretty into cameras ourselves.

As a part of the Speck Group of companies , we have been doing world class design and manufacturing for years, with development facilities located in Seattle, Palo Alto, and Shanghai.

The Made Products Brands

Camera Armor was our first brand, creating a new kind of protection, and today it is available in 26 countries and 3000 stores, for 90% of the DSLR market.

Always-On is our latest brand, and it is all about convenience, with a line of accessories that mount unobtrusively on your camera, and deploy when you need them.

OEM / Private Label

OEM design and manufacturing services are available for companies wanting to do something unique in the camera accessory space.
Please contact Graeme, our CEO for OEM/private label inquiries.

If you have a good idea, suggestions, or a complaint, please email Graeme our CEO.
He’ll make sure you get the help you need from us.